Monday, March 19, 2012

Irony and life

The next step you take
will carve you in the determined
mould of time, for life
is an irony, peruses those
who steps in it with their
courage following them like
a shadow.

Every act, every step feeds
the shadow while the light of
life embraces the turn of hope
to burn it down in an unending

You who take the turn know
not, you who knows is lost in
the metaphor handed over from
history, action breeds counter-action
where every dialectic opens up another
where all survives where none do

Yet like Sisyphus you turn back again
and again the toiling masses stitched to an
imagined fate, revealing the 'bitter-fruits'
and the flicker of the underground which
glimmers our night sky 

Take the step you must for you have
a date with the passing smile uncovering
your lips, shared yet dispersed, of the time
when irony will reveal 'life'.


  1. So strong, Manohar. Mainly it is a fear which prevent us to make the step. I want to believe your last strophe.

  2. Our very own purpose for coming to this world and the existence we lead after the arrival in itself is an irony.. somewhere between these two lie life! Life is a paradox .. I have always believed that.. A very good attempt at limelighting that the conviction which once required courage was after all futile for unknown reason... A good take on the retrospection of wondering about ones karma in the past!

  3. Awesome expressions in above lines..
    complexity and twists of life r very well reflected..

    Loved the reference of Sisyphus u made.. :)
    u write beautifully Manohar !!!

  4. As profound as life.. Lovely :)