Saturday, May 5, 2012

The other silence

There is that ‘other’ silence which escapes us, it is not the silence of the ‘other’ where we are just left to grasp the meaning, to read through the pause which extends beyond its own granted time, which defies its capture, which resists our gaze in the words. This silence is within us, this silence is what dawns upon us when we are in the crowd. Suddenly in a room where words are being flirted with and the laughter escapes the monotony of presences, this silence slowly crawls along the edge of the seat, waiting to grasp us in the time when we are not aware of ourselves. Suddenly the known faces seem strange and you ask yourself, who are these people? Why are you here? What are these people doing at this moment and what is their cause of the happiness? This silence is banal, for it exists everyday but only appears when we let our guard loose. Suddenly you lose grasp of the words, suddenly all seems so distant and meaning does not make any sense. You just sense the room closing down on you, the ceiling collapsing down and you wonder why these people are not aware of the claustrophobia of words? Why can’t they see the void hidden in those laughters? 

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