Saturday, June 4, 2011


Slowly verses will die down 
as mist trickles through the ashes 
we will not remember that day where 
dream was covered by a passing snow flake 
and the last tourist forgot her destination 

A melancholy settles down in my song 
as the rattle of rail tracks awakens me 
in the dead of the night and the last flickering 
lightening threatens to reveal my shadow and 
the lonely wandering cat gives me a lone stare 
knowing not my purpose 

I am slowly forgetting you as my 
fainting memory struggles to rekindle 
a dream last shared, as my words refuse 
to reveal the last muse etched for love 


  1. ''as my words refuse
    to reveal the last muse etched for love...''
    love & peace

  2. Beautiful poems so nicely done!
    Enjoyed it!
    Poverty Poems