Thursday, October 14, 2010


While the gentle night still sleeps, let me awake in my new dream
while the stuttering sublime music bades me farewell, I keep to the song

I desired for the moment of coming, while the time bids me away
I dread to open my eyes, frightened that they will not see you
I caress it, plead it, stay, remain as my elusive alter

Its time to go, but I press my eyes....
Perhaps! it will pass in my dreams


  1. dear sir, i really enjoyed the poem. through my meagre perception capacity i tried very hard to make the words intelligible, to my simple self. here i write a few words.

    baba, nostalgia is in itself an inspiration, for facing the time to come. it is both an inertia that binds and pushes .it sometimes makes us dwarf and at other times , provides the needed upthrust. it is on us , how we take it. for u , neverthless , it shall never b a problem .u will rise with the tide of time and soak in the ecstasy, of present and meet the needs of future. we all would like to see u at the final meet of convergance where u would have further transformed into a prolific ,' someone'. all the best.

  2. Anwesh..beautiful words and a gud caution too and I would need it all the same for the times to come, becoz for wat we knw they wud not be there is something to be borrowed from this past but not as something to be sucked under but to arise out of it...and I guess it is these words and these deliberations which would aid us in mvoing forward.. and I know u will wait for me for those convergances since am quite sure u will be thr before me....