Sunday, October 17, 2010

Forgiveness and forgetfulness

Perhaps this is what love is and perhaps it is more to do with suffering with the one who you love and caring for the one who you does not live in living in those memories which we want to immortalise for ourselves but it lives in those memories which have immortalised themselves in us, that we constantly run away from them....what remains immortalised in us is the human suffering but that is what we tend to negate all the time and tend to forget it.

But maybe forgiveness is what it seeks and what it aspires for, by forgetting it we tend to create spaces for more forgetfulness which means more memories which means more the depth they seek within us...but forgiveness is about not making that self which is suffering to be elusive of us but to have an ‘intimate presence’ within us. Forgiveness is about hope, it is about care, it is about dialogue with the part that is stinking, that part which tends to rot.

The most interesting aspect of the rottenness is that it has been due to us because we have just thrown it away, because human beings have discarded pain it comes in myriad ways. it seeks new inlets and new spaces sometimes having a surreptitious presence.

Pain is also something which makes life beautiful because it opens up those arenas of consciousness which we would not have cared to experience, those areas which would never have been explored if not for pain.   but the banality of pain lies in its beginning, because in its beginning itself it is so overpowering that it does not allow us to comprehend it, to make sense of it. It just ties us with the object of desire, the process of transcendence always takes time to come but when it comes it is beautiful.....

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