Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I write on waters, a chimerical dream
No pens to draw, no colours to be
Just plain memories to etch
On the fickle curves of the sea

My history would be on waters
No desires of immortality
No charm of remembrance
A destiny of dew drops
Sparkle in the shine, to
Be devoured by the sun

The light sparkles, while the
Heat devours
Someday the warmth that maketh me
Shine will devour me too


  1. I realised after writing this poetry that this was one of the inscriptions which John Keats wanted on his grave.."Here lies One Whose Name was writ in Water".....

  2. Beautifully written...but I hope the the waters freeze..and crystallize..for archeologists to discover us and relive our lives!

  3. Thanks Esha...yes at times we want to be discovered and relive our lives but is it the same as we are now? Your thoughts also compliment and complete the poem and thus it is not about being immortal but being a mortal again..

  4. अच्छी कविता मनोहर । किसी Buddhist Scholar ने कभी बताया था कि बौद्ध साहित्य में भी तीन प्रकार के 'लिखत' की चर्चा है- जल, बालू और पत्थर पर लिखा गया लेख।

    लेकिन शायद यह कविता सृजनशील क्षणिकता में ही अमरत्व की संभावना देखती है।