Friday, May 6, 2011


Presented below are two poems of my friend Pravin Kumar. While poem questions hope, the other enters into the terrain of hope to create new horizons for the children to come and yet to be born...and here we enter the everydayness and the banality of hope, how do we leave it and yet live with it...

I won’t shed single drop of tear on my cheek for my past…
I will use this history to craft a sword..
I will cut today’s chains with the sword…
For a new sun to arise, for my children yet to come


Hope, you betrayed me
I blame you to keep me wretched …
You made me docile, kept me living in tomorrow,
Now I have realized,
I need to kill you, I ought to rebel,
I must live my day today…. For tomorrow

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  1. Lovely little poem that encapsulates that people must live for today.