Saturday, January 7, 2017

A desire for the new year

Sometimes it's good to slip in 
slow in the new time
lest the thin crust of new
breaks in the dissolving old

Everything in its place, nothing extra

An unedited time
to rearrange desires, 
the dusted shelves of habits, 
the rusting ruse of dreams,
the open cracks of past,
the unattended anticipations of the future, 
the fogged horizons of togetherness, 
the misty mornings of solitude, 
the rainy afternoons of memories, 
the windy evenings of temptation, 
the long nights of separation.

Slip in slow in the new time, 
like a faint rustle, 
without a trace, 
in an unsolved puzzle.  
Sprinkle silent winds to the roaring uncertainties.

Let the dust of the old settle, sail slow to your new sun.

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